May Showers

June 13, 2010

Am in Bali for a few days to check out an exhaustive list of wedding venues and wedding chapels.. Walked past a huge wedding held outdoors at the Ayana (formerly Ritz-Carlton) with a big set-up under the stars and commented on how pretty it looked. The ambience didn’t look so pretty when the rains came an hour later and the umbrellas went up. Kudos to the band who kept on going whilst the guests scrambled for cover. Luckily, it was a passing shower and they were able to enjoy the fireworks display but got me thinking…what do they do with the soggy seat covers and wet tablecloths? What about the buffet and all that equipment? What would we have done? When planning a wedding, especially an outdoor one, we try to consider all the variables and have a solid contingency plan but inevitably, unpredictable weather is our biggest challenge!