2011 Wedding Dates

July 18, 2010

In Hong Kong, finding an auspicious date to get married is a ‘must’ if you or your family are at all traditional! Usually, even numbered months and dates are preferred and lunar month of March (Ching Ming Festival), lunar month of July (Ghost month) & the lunar month of September (Chung Yeung Festival) are generally not considered ‘lucky’ dates for weddings.

In response to a request, here is a highly informative link for choosing an auspicious date in 2011, the year of the rabbit. Bear in mind, these are general dates, you should take into account your birth dates and times with a fung shui master to see which date suits you best. This list was taken from www.bestgiftsforweddings.com for your reference.

Chinese Lucky Wedding Dates in 2011

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