Jo Malone – Engaging all the senses

December 28, 2010

We recently met up with the girls at Jo Malone, one of our favourite brands. We love Jo Malone for their wide selection, contemporary brand image and of course, for their crisp and long-lasting scents.

As its becoming increasingly popular to have a signature scent to add that finishing touch, we work closely with the brand to style and scent not you but your wedding reception! Whether its a well-placed candle at the reception or various layers of scents, it works on a sub-conscious level to appeal to the senses and adds a luxurious personal stamp so long as you don’t over-do it. That’s where the personal Jo Malone stylist comes in!

Jo Malone has a selection of indulgent wedding favours too.. which guest wouldn’t want to take home a travel candle or a small bottle of luxurious bath oil?


Jo Malone boutiques located at Lane Crawford Times Square, IFC and Ocean Terminal or talk to us at 2869 4222 for more information