Five Minutes with Lisa B – Part I

January 5, 2011

Lisa B, a talented wedding photographer who splits her time between London and Hong Kong, has a knack for snapping photos that draws you in. From documenting that anxious smile and beaming look to capturing the mood and beauty of the wedding, you’ll notice that Lisa’s amazing eye for detail is unmatched. She delivers photos that are not only timeless but stay true to their subjects. We were lucky enough to catch up with Lisa and to ask her a few questions about her work.

We love your work and want to know what makes you tick as a successful wedding photographer. Can you tell us how you got into wedding photography?

I got into this business by accident! A really good friend of mine, Charlotte, was putting together one of her first photo shoots for her bridal showroom, and because I had just started with photography, she asked me to do her promotional photos. The images were displayed around her shop and after receiving a lot of comments about them from brides, Charlotte kindly passed on my details, and the rest is history!

I love to see the moments I captured when I am editing the photos — if they make me smile or if I recall the moment from simply looking at the images, then I imagine how happy the couple would feel when they see them too. Knowing that these pictures will be there forever for the newlyweds to relive their special day and to pass onto their family and children and their children’s children is really meaningful for me. I want to capture a moment that is very special and intimate. I love to capture humor too — if I find myself laughing at an image or being able to tell the story within one frame, then I feel I have done a great job.

What are 3 words that describe your style?

Discreet, candid and real.

Can you walk us through a typical day on the job?

If the couple has booked my services for the whole day then I will arrive when the bride is getting her hair and make up done, during which I will follow the bride discreetly, taking photos of all the small, precious moments, such as putting on the veil, her mum fastening her jewelry, or slipping into her wedding shoes. I try not to disturb the flow of the day. I don’t like my photos too posed and if I were the bride I would be annoyed if the photographer relentlessly asks me to pose and hold a position. It is not a TV commercial, and I don’t believe that the most special day in your life should be treated like one.

There are times when group shots are necessary but they don’t take very long. I will simply follow the day’s schedule and focus on the best moments throughout the celebration. Hopefully I will be given a few breaks to recharge myself!

Do you usually look for the composition then wait for the moment? Or is the process more instinctive for you?

I can kind of tell what is going to happen and when, so I will quickly position myself for the best composition and wait for the right moment to press that shutter. Sometimes the composition is not always perfect due to obstacles getting in the way and my not having enough time to move. Other times, capturing the moment is more important and I will work on the depth of field to get rid of obstructions, or later work on the cropping during post-production. But it all happens so quickly that I guess it’s just instinctive. Years of practice help too!

Check back soon for the second half of our Q&A. Lisa also does beautiful pre-wedding shoots in Hong Kong, London and Europe. You can also contact The Wedding Company at +852 2869 4222 for a viewing of her portfolio or for any questions!

Interview by Roanne