In-depth: What does a wedding planner do?

July 24, 2011

Everyone has slightly different ideas of what a competent wedding planner can and cannot do. Of course, different planners have their own individual styles, capabilities and talents so we can only speak from our own experiences and what we at The Wedding Company can do for couples. Planners need to have several different skill sets too – they need to be creative enough to come up with or even just comment on the event design, they need to be highly organized and systematic and on the day, they should be able to problem-solve and make quick decisions when things don’t go as planned. At The Wedding Company, we divide the work amongst different staff with the appropriate skill sets to ensure we are well rounded on all fronts.

We are not just planners. We gently guide our clients from start to finish including their event design — creating their mood-boards, choosing complementary colours and pinpointing a direction to executing their vision in reality and everything in-between. We keep a close eye on the purse strings too, ensuring that the event doesn’t go way over-budget and we act as an older sister, executive secretary, time-keeper and confidante rolled into one. We don’t pry or offer unwarranted advice and we are discreet.

However, there are a few things that we simply cannot do. Your guest list and seating plan for starters! We also do not handle cash, jewelry or gifts of any kind on behalf of the couple, lest something went missing. Bridal gown shopping is another area where we have had to pass on. Its tough offering unbiased advice to a bride without it being misconstrued. We are happy to recommend several excellent bridal salons we work with and brides take it from there. Last but not least, we also prefer to work with either the couple themselves or their parents. Its tricky deciphering what everyone wants when there are wildly differing opinions. Our best advice? Check in with the parents often if they have strong opinions so that everyone is on the same page and learn to compromise! Compromise is what a marriage is based upon anyway!

All in all, its hard planning such an important event on your own, we get that. Whether you seek help from a professional or from a group of well-meaning friends, don’t be shy to get as much assistance on the day so you and your family can truly relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding, it goes by so fast!