Best Dressed Guest

September 6, 2011

Its tough to put on a beautiful wedding only to have the guests show up in something less than worthy of your expectations! A defined dress code is key but one can’t control what people will and won’t wear. We have seen a number of beautiful ballroom weddings where attention has been paid to the smallest details yet the guests stand out for wearing something more suited to a day in town.

If you’ve been invited to a wedding as a guest, its a great way to show your appreciation and respect by dressing the part, you probably have no idea how much effort the bride and her team have put into her wedding. Matches Fashion, one of our favourite online boutiques based in London, has put together an edited selection of “wedding-worthy outfits whatever the setting.” We love it when styling experts lay out all the options for us to find that fabulous outfit, be it a country affair or a tropical beach wedding! Matches also carries clothing for men and ships internationally… now there’s really no excuse! Locally, Lane Crawford also offers a complimentary personal styling service in their luxuriously appointed styling ‘suites’, call +852 2118 7777.

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