Choose a font for your wedding invitations

February 24, 2012

Your wedding invitation font believe it or not, sets the tone for your entire wedding! Be it modern, vintage or romantically elegant, the right font adds that touch of style and infuses your invitations with your personality, reflecting the mood of your entire event. So, yes, its another thing to pay attention to! Choosing the font that best matches your style can be mind-boggling with so many styles on offer. We should know — we carry over 300+ different designs from Bella Figura alone!

If you like the Modern look: Jessica Tierney over at Bella Figura suggests fonts that have sleek, clean lines. They say, “Nothing too fussy or fancy. Simplicity is always key. Scale these chic fonts up in size to make a bold, graphic and attention grabbing statement!” We say, pair them with different graphics to create a bold, one of a kind piece.

modern wedding font inspiration

If you’re more the Vintage type: Bella Figura suggest fonts that have a ‘wise and worldly appeal’. A little off-beat and full of character to convey a touch of old world elegance. To achieve the perfect vintage vibe, you could consider combining several fonts together to create an eclectic look. What do we think? Well, you can’t go wrong with elegant script fonts paired with flourishes and art deco inspired patterns.

vintage wedding font inspiration

If you’re after something more formal: Evoke black tie elegance with fine hand-calligraphy fonts printed on thick card stock. Embellish with gilt edging in shiny gold or silver, perfect for a sophisticated and refined event.

formal wedding font inspiration