Wedding Budget Breakdown

October 22, 2018



Planning a wedding can be daunting especially when planners keep asking you what your budget is! Often times, you may have a ballpark figure in your head and you know you want to spend ‘enough’ but you’re not quite sure just how much that is!


As planners, we get asked all the time about how ‘much things cost’ and no matter how much or little you wish to spend so we figured it may be useful to have a few guidelines to get you started.


We usually advise couples to start by allocated approximately 40% of their overall wedding budget towards the food and beverage portion of their event. This is usually the biggest expenditure of your whole day. From that first glass of champagne to your sit down dinner and after party to follow, it all adds up!


The rest of the budget can be distributed as per the following:


  • Event Decoration 10-15%
  • Photography & Videography: 5-10%
  • Stationery 3-5%
  • Bridal Attire 8-10%
  • Planner 8-10%
  • Hair & Makeup 3-5%
  • Music 5%
  • Sound & Lighting 3-5%
  • Miscellaneous 3-5%


Have you just done a quick calculation and realised you’re a little over what you’re comfortable with? Consider cutting down your guest list, sending an e-invite or give up that dessert buffet. Pay attention to the small heart-warming details, often times they add a lot of value to the overall event.


Happy Planning!


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