Do you want a Micro Wedding?

November 7, 2018

Recently, I was interviewed by the talented folks behind Wedding Masterclass on 2019 wedding trends and we discussed the ever increasing popularity worldwide of luxury Micro Weddings. More and more couples are eschewing grand ballroom wedding and focusing on celebrating their wedding day with only a handful of guests (up to 20), providing an ultra-luxurious experience for them in a more relaxing manner. Whether it’s a weekend celebration in Thailand, a small chateau in France or closer to home here in Hong Kong, couples get to have their dream wedding focusing what is really important with people that truly matter.



This type of wedding isn’t for everyone though! Couples should sit down together and discuss their expectations, be able to trim their guest list to a manageable number and that can be hard, especially if they come from a large family.


Chat with us about some beautiful micro wedding venues and find out how our team can help you make this happen!