In short: Magic.

In the beginning we saw and spoke to at least 5 different wedding planners, and we knew that if we were going to work with someone for more than a year, we needed more than just an organised coordinator, but also someone who could give us support, advice, and keep us level headed throughout the entire planning journey.

After the first hour of talking to Michele, something just clicked with us and we knew we had to work with The Wedding Company, and it was honestly one of the best decisions we made.

Michele and team exceeds all the key expectations that one needs in a wedding planner – hyper organised, incredibly detail-oriented, responsive, experienced, and connected. The key differentiator for us was that the team was flexible to our needs but also keeps us grounded and never hesitates to let us know what was possible and what to watch out for – absolutely crucial for any engaged couple looking to create their dream wedding, but doesn’t want to be surprised by reality when it comes to execution. No couple wants to hear “no” or “that’s not how it works” but in the end every couple will be so grateful to have heard it, rather than someone who overpromises with “yes’s” all the way only for it to come all crashing down on the big day.

A big bonus was that Michele’s sense of style and aesthetic matched with ours, but that’s personal to each couple.

A true partner from day one to the big day, not only is the team highly strategic in their planning, but also equally hands-on in execution to ensure that any inevitable blunders that happen are swiftly remedied. Example: On our wedding day, just as my now-wife was about to march-in and walk down the aisle (a hugely life-altering moment), the heel of her shoe had snapped and broke. Michele immediately bent down and fixed it for her, all the while making sure my wife was physically and emotionally ok, that no one else realised, that no scene was caused, and everything was kept on schedule.

At this point I have nothing else to say other than a glowing recommendation for The Wedding Company, incredible value (would’ve gladly paid double for all the work they did), and even more incredible team (helping us through all the uncertainties and roller coasters of planning a wedding in the middle of multiple covid waves and ever-changing restrictions).

And I’m the husband, who wasn’t that involved with the planning, imagine what my wife would say!

Emily & Michael

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