Esther & Justin

January 14, 2021

Wedding planning for us was an incredibly daunting task. There are multitudes of things to consider, from the thickness of the paper invitations, to the perfect colour setting at the banquet, to organizing the number of vehicles for your family on the big day. The Wedding Company, not only covered and organized everything that we were worried about, but also things that would make our lives easier, and the guests’ lives more fun, joyful and celebratory.

Michele, Dabbie and Rainbow, have everything that you would want in the best wedding planners. They have the strongest contacts in the industry, allowing for better deals with vendors and hotels, longer deadlines on stressful days, and a plan B, C and D when A doesn’t work out. They are empicably organized and well mannered, perfect for balancing the couples’ wishes as well as the parents’. They are firm when they need to be (often with vendors), and yet never stressed the wedding couple in the slightest. Everything you knew would always be alright.

This is a review written at a time during COVID, where our wedding had changed three locations, three dates, downsized by a couple hundred people, changed seating arrangements from 12 to 4, and yet all of it was executed wonderfully. In a wedding planner, the tough task is not the 98% of the planning, but the last 2% in every task at hand that enables the perfection and smoothness you need during a 5:30am to past midnight day. The Wedding Company really executes that last 2% well.

Wedding planning will no doubt be always stressful, but with The Wedding Company it is that extra load off our shoulders, that we appreciate the most. It allows us to enjoy the special day to the fullest. Thank you Michele, Dabbie & Rainbow!