Justin & Abby

October 17, 2018

  1. In a word, it seems that most if not all of our guests, friends and family were extremely impressed with both the Phuket and Hong Kong weddings! We have had so many compliments over the last 2 weekends, with many people telling us that this was the “best” wedding they had ever attended. We do believe that the details can make a difference when executed properly. Abby and I are very pleased and most impressed with the outcome, and the close attention to detail that you all paid. For this we would like to extend our very sincere thanks to you all.
  2. Thanks for patiently working together with us over the last year to put together this magnificent wedding and to make our dream wedding a reality. We are particularly grateful to Michele and Rainbow for working very hard on going through all of the small things with us over this extended period of time. There were many long meetings and a lot of anxiety and stress over what might appear to be very small details. However, these did not go unnoticed, whether by Abby and I or by our guests. Together with the great weather we were blessed with, it really made for a very memorable occasion which we will treasure for the rest of our lives.Thanks again for helping us put together this event, we want to express our utmost thanks to you all for a job well done.