Crafting A Dream: The Unforgettable St. Jean Cap Ferrat Wedding Experience at the Hotel du Cap

June 2, 2023

Once upon a time, in the scenic South of France, a magical love story unfolded in a luxury hotel perched atop a rocky peninsula. This is the tale of an unforgettable wedding we had the honour of planning and producing at the illustrious Hotel du Cap, St. Jean Cap Ferrat. A seamless blend of eastern tradition and western elegance, this celebration featured a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, an exquisite ceremony at the Volupté Gardens, a convivial cocktail hour, and a breathtaking dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Cap. The evening ended with an electrifying performance from the Gypsy Queens and a dazzling fireworks display.


Chinese Tea Ceremony

The day commenced with the age-old Chinese Tea Ceremony, a nuptial tradition deeply rooted in respect and gratitude towards the bride and groom’s families. Set in the charming ambiance of the Hotel du Cap, the ceremony unfolded in an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy. It was a moving spectacle to witness the couple serving tea to their elders who flew in from Hong Kong, a symbol of their deep appreciation and respect. The beautiful fusion of Eastern and Western cultures set a harmonious tone for the remainder of the day’s celebrations.

Tying the Knot in the Volupté Gardens

We designed the wedding ceremony to take place in the charming Volupté Gardens, where the lush landscape came alive with the harmonious strains of a Parisian string quartet. Amidst the blooming flowers, under a floral arch, the couple pledged their vows. As they sealed their promises with a kiss, the garden was filled with a tangible sense of love, showcasing our dedication to creating picture-perfect moments.

Alfresco Cocktails and Canapés

As the ceremony concluded, guests were led to an alfresco cocktail hour set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. The gentle sea breeze mingled with the clinking of champagne flutes, and the setting sun added a magical charm to the evening. Guests savored an assortment of handcrafted canapés while relishing the stunning panoramic views, creating an ambiance of conviviality and camaraderie.


Dinner at Le Cap

Following the cocktail hour, guests were welcomed into Le Cap, the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant. A thoughtfully curated menu awaited them, presenting an exquisite blend of innovative culinary techniques and the rich flavors of the French Riviera. As guests dined amidst the tastefully decorated restaurant, the atmosphere buzzed with joy and elation. As wedding planners, this brings us an unimaginable sense of happiness!


The Rhythm of the Night: Unforgettable Entertainment

To keep the celebratory spirit alive, the renowned Gypsy Queens took center stage, filling the grand halls of the hotel with their vibrant tunes. Their high-energy performance added an extraordinary charm to the festivities and had everyone on their feet.


The Sky’s the Limit: A Spectacular Fireworks Display

As the night drew to a close, the grand finale was unveiled – a breathtaking fireworks display. The sky, alive with brilliant colors, reflected off the serene waters of the Mediterranean, a visual representation of the couple’s bright and promising future. This spectacle was our final touch, adding that unforgettable ‘wow’ factor to the wedding.

This unforgettable wedding at the Hotel du Cap was a magical interplay of traditions, emotions, and culture, authentically reflecting the couple’s unique love story. Every detail, every moment was meticulously planned and executed, embodying the couple’s unique love story. As seasoned wedding planners, we are proud to have transformed this vision into reality and eagerly look forward to creating more magical experiences that truly stand the test of time.

Planning & Styling: The Wedding Company Hong Kong | Photos: Laure Lise | Video: Alberto d’Aria | Florals: Floraison | Hair & Makeup: White Studios